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Introduction to Digital Music with Python Programming

by Michael S. Horn

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With the help of online, interactive examples on Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) platforms called TunePad and EarSketch, this book covers the fundamentals of rhythm, chord structure and melodic com...
Published on : Feb. 23, 2022
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278 pages

Music Representation and Transformation in Software: Structure and Algorithms in Python

by Donald P. Pazel

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This book takes the reader on a journey through music concepts in an organized approach that develops music essentials from the concepts of tone, pitch, and time, through notes, intervals, chords, ...
Published on : May 7, 2022
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353 pages

Hands-On Music Generation with Magenta: Explore the role of deep learning in music generation and assisted music composition

by Alexandre DuBreuil

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This is a book on creating music using Generative Artificial Intelligence. Written by a generative music artist who has worked with many bands, it explains how to use Tensorflow and Magenta to gene...
Published on : Jan. 31, 2020
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360 pages