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Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow

by Aurélien Géron

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The second edition came out recently and immediately became a bestseller in its category. It is impressive in coverage. Classical supervised learning, unsupervised learning, deep learning (CNN, RNN...
Published on : Oct. 15, 2019
Python version: TH
856 pages

Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people

by Aditya Bhargava

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Grokking Algorithms is a fully illustrated, friendly guide that teaches you how to apply common algorithms to the practical problems you face every day as a programmer. You'll start with sorting an...
Published on : May 30, 2016
Python version: TW
256 pages

Practical Statistics for Data Scientists: 50+ Essential Concepts Using R and Python

by Peter Bruce

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Statistical methods are a key part of data science, yet few data scientists have formal statistical training. Courses and books on basic statistics rarely cover the topic from a data science perspe...
Published on : June 2, 2020
Python version: TH
368 pages

Deep Learning with Python

by Francois Chollet

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In Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition you will learn: Deep learning from first principles Image classification and image segmentation Timeseries forecasting Text classi...
Published on : Dec. 21, 2021
Python version: TH
504 pages

Python for Data Analysis: Data Wrangling with Pandas, NumPy, and IPython

by Wes McKinney

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Looking for complete instructions on manipulating, processing, cleaning, and crunching structured data in Python? The second edition of this hands-on guide—updated for Python 3.5 and Pandas 1.0—is ...
Published on : Oct. 20, 2017
Python version: TH
550 pages

Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python

by Joel Grus

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To really learn data science, you should not only master the tools—data science libraries, frameworks, modules, and toolkits—but also understand the ideas and principles underlying them. Updated fo...
Published on : May 16, 2019
Python version: TH
406 pages

Black Hat Python, Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters

by Justin Seitz

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When it comes to creating powerful and effective hacking tools, Python is the language of choice for most security analysts. In this second edition of the bestselling Black Hat Python, you’ll explo...
Published on : April 14, 2021
Python version: TH
216 pages

Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn: Develop machine learning and deep learning models with Python

by Sebastian Raschka

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Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn is a comprehensive guide to machine learning and deep learning with PyTorch. It acts as both a step-by-step tutorial and a reference you'll keep comin...
Published on : Feb. 25, 2022
Python version: TH
770 pages

Architecture Patterns with Python: Enabling Test-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, and Event-Driven Microservices

by Harry Percival

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As Python continues to grow in popularity, projects are becoming larger and more complex. Many Python developers are taking an interest in high-level software design patterns such as hexagonal/clea...
Published on : March 31, 2020
Python version: TH
304 pages

Python Data Science Handbook: Essential Tools for Working with Data

by Jake VanderPlas

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The Python Data Science Handbook provides a reference to the breadth of computational and statistical methods that are central to data-intensive science, research, and discovery. People with a prog...
Published on : Dec. 10, 2016
Python version: TH
548 pages

Python Machine Learning: Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Python, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow 2

by Sebastian Raschka

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Winner of the ACM Best of Computing award in 2016 and now in its third edition, this is one of the most popular books for Machine Learning. It covers everything under the sun - Classical Supervised...
Published on : Dec. 12, 2019
Python version: TH
770 pages

Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading: Predictive models to extract signals from market and alternative data for systematic trading strategies with Python, 2nd Edition

by Stefan Jansen

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This book introduces end-to-end machine learning for the trading workflow, from the idea and feature engineering to model optimization, strategy design, and backtesting. It illustrates this by usin...
Published on : July 31, 2020
Python version: TH
820 pages

Python for Excel: A Modern Environment for Automation and Data Analysis

by Felix Zumstein

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While Excel remains ubiquitous in the business world, recent Microsoft feedback forums are full of requests to include Python as an Excel scripting language. In fact, it's the top feature requested...
Published on : March 30, 2021
Python version: TH
338 pages

Deep Learning for Coders with Fastai and PyTorch: AI Applications Without a PhD

by Jeremy Howard

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Deep learning is often viewed as the exclusive domain of math PhDs and big tech companies. But as this hands-on guide demonstrates, programmers comfortable with Python can achieve impressive result...
Published on : Aug. 11, 2020
Python version: TH
624 pages

Programming the Raspberry Pi : Getting Started with Python

by Simon Monk

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This fully updated guide shows how to create inventive programs and fun games on your powerful Raspberry Pi―with no programming experience required. Programming the Raspberry Pi™: Getting Started w...
Published on : June 3, 2021
Python version: TH
192 pages

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python: A Guide for Data Scientists

by Andreas C. Müller

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Machine learning has become an integral part of many commercial applications and research projects, but this field is not exclusive to large companies with extensive research teams. If you use Pyth...
Published on : Oct. 21, 2016
Python version: BO
400 pages

Advanced Python Scripting for ArcGIS Pro

by Paul A. Zandbergen

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Advanced Python Scripting for ArcGIS Pro builds on Python Scripting for ArcGIS Pro. Learn how to create a geoprocessing tool out of your script and automate tasks in ArcGIS Pro, how to share your t...
Published on : July 14, 2020
Python version: TH
290 pages

Web Scraping with Python: Collecting More Data from the Modern Web

by Ryan Mitchell

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If programming is magic then web scraping is surely a form of wizardry. By writing a simple automated program, you can query web servers, request data, and parse it to extract the information you n...
Published on : April 14, 2018
Python version: TH
308 pages

Flask Web Development: Developing Web Applications with Python

by Miguel Grinberg

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Take full creative control of your web applications with Flask, the Python-based microframework. With the second edition of this hands-on book, you’ll learn Flask from the ground up by developing a...
Published on : March 25, 2018
Python version: TH
316 pages

The Self-Taught Computer Scientist: The Beginner's Guide to Data Structures & Algorithms

by Cory Althoff

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The Self-Taught Computer Scientist introduces beginner and self-taught programmers to computer science fundamentals that are essential for success in programming and software engineering fields. Co...
Published on : Oct. 1, 2021
Python version: TH
224 pages

Doing Math with Python: Use Programming to Explore Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, and More!

by Amit Saha

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Doing Math with Python shows you how to use Python to delve into high school—level math topics like statistics, geometry, probability, and calculus. You'll start with simple projects, like a factor...
Published on : Aug. 1, 2015
Python version: TH
264 pages

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures Using Python

by Bradley N. Miller

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This textbook is about computer science. It is also about Python. However, there is much more. The study of algorithms and data structures is central to understanding what computer science is all a...
Published on : Aug. 22, 2011
Python version: TH
438 pages
Available for free here

Mastering Python Networking

by Eric Chou

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One of the best book on mastering networking in Python, written by an author who has worked as a network engineer in top companies. The third edition came out in January, 2020. This new edition is ...
Published on : Jan. 30, 2020
Python version: TH
576 pages

Dive Into Algorithms: A Pythonic Adventure for the Intrepid Beginner

by Bradford Tuckfield

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Dive Into Algorithms is a wide-ranging, Pythonic tour of many of the world's most interesting algorithms. With little more than a bit of computer programming experience and basic high-school math, ...
Published on : Jan. 25, 2021
Python version: TH
248 pages

High Performance Python: Practical Performant Programming for Humans

by Micha Gorelick

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Your Python code may run correctly, but you need it to run faster. Updated for Python 3, this expanded edition shows you how to locate performance bottlenecks and significantly speed up your code i...
Published on : May 26, 2020
Python version: TH
468 pages

Think Stats: Exploratory Data Analysis

by Allen B. Downey

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If you know how to program, you have the skills to turn data into knowledge, using tools of probability and statistics. This concise introduction shows you how to perform statistical analysis compu...
Published on : Oct. 27, 2014
Python version: BO
226 pages
Available for free here

Python for DevOps: Learn Ruthlessly Effective Automation

by Noah Gift

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This DevOps bible, written by a highly credible author (PSF Fellow, Lecturer at UC Berkeley, worked at Disney, AT&T, Sony and ABC News Network) shows you how to use Python for everyday Linux system...
Published on : Dec. 31, 2019
Python version: TH
506 pages

Python for Finance: Mastering Data-Driven Finance

by Yves Hilpisch

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The financial industry has recently adopted Python at a tremendous rate, with some of the largest investment banks and hedge funds using it to build core trading and risk management systems. Update...
Published on : Dec. 31, 2018
Python version: TH
720 pages

Ethical Hacking: A Hands-on Introduction to Breaking In

by Daniel Graham

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You’ll begin with the basics: capturing a victim’s network traffic with an ARP spoofing attack and then viewing it in Wireshark. From there, you’ll deploy reverse shells that let you remotely run c...
Published on : Nov. 2, 2021
Python version: TH
376 pages

Python Testing with pytest: Simple, Rapid, Effective, and Scalable

by Brian Okken

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Test applications, packages, and libraries large and small with pytest, Python's most powerful testing framework. pytest helps you write tests quickly and keep them readable and maintainable. In th...
Published on : March 29, 2022
Python version: TH
274 pages