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CS for All: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python

by Christine Alvarado

The popular EdX course CS for All is now available as a book! It has an unique approach to Intro CS, with an emphasis on problem solving and big ideas. The best news? You can read the book for free!
Published on : Aug. 5, 2019
Python version: TH
288 pages
Available for free here

What's New in TensorFlow 2.0

by Ajay Baranwal

The popular Machine Learning library Tensorflow recently moved to version 2.0. The new version is more simple and easy to use. This book will help you understand and utilize the latest TensorFlow features. Stay on the top of your Machine Learning game!
Published on : Aug. 12, 2019
Python version: TH
202 pages

A Beginners Guide to Python 3 Programming

by John Hunt

A new rigorous undergraduate textbook on Python 3. What else did you expect from Springer? The book dives deep into data structures and algorithms, functional programming and object oriented programming. If you have a bent for abstraction and technicality, this book might just be your thing.
Published on : Aug. 9, 2019
Python version: TH
433 pages

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

by Alessandro Parisi

This book shows how to apply machine learning to cybersecurity. Featuring topics like facial recognition attacks using GANs. Gasp!
Published on : Aug. 2, 2019
Python version: TH
342 pages

Machine Learning with Python for Everyone

by Mark Fenner

If you are a Python programmer interested in learning Machine Learning, check out this new book. It explains complex mathematical concepts like feature engineering and hyperparameter tuning using stories, pictures and Python code!
Published on : Aug. 26, 2019
Python version: TH
592 pages