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Want to see the best recently published Python books? Check out our monthly lists.

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Want to start programming? This section contains the best books for you.

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You already know the basics and want to master the language? This section contains the best books for you. They discuss advanced features, best practices, optimization techniques, design patterns etc.

You know the basics of Python and want to apply it in realistic projects? This section contains the best books for you. They guide you through a few realistic applications of Python.

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Need a handy reference book for looking up documentation or recipes? This section contains the best reference books and cookbooks.

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For experienced programmers who do not want to read an absolute beginner's book, this section contains a subset of topical and reference books that include a very condensed introduction to Python. You will be able to read them straightaway without going through a beginner's course or book.

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Kid-friendly Python books.

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