• Python 3
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  • High Performance Computing
  • Holden Karau
  • 1¬†year, 3¬†months ago
The author Holden Karau has the following credentials.

  • Prominent person behind the Python package spark-testing-base
  • Prominent person behind Apache Spark: Apache Spark is an open-source unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. Spark provides an interface for programming clusters with implicit data parallelism and fault tolerance. Originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley's AMPLab, the Spark codebase was later donated to the Apache Software Foundation, which has maintained it since. (for more information, see author's Wikipedia page)
  • Works/Worked at Netflix
  • Works/Worked at Apple
  • Works/Worked at Google
  • Works/Worked at IBM
  • Works/Worked at Amazon
  • Works/Worked at Microsoft