• Python 3
Reading time
  • Approximately 25 days
What you will learn
  • Network programming
  • Microcontrollers
  • Audio
  • Nicholas H. Tollervey
  • 1¬†year, 10¬†months ago
Book cover of MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit: Embedded Programming on the Handheld ARM-Powered Computer by Nicholas H. Tollervey

Official description

Learn how to use MicroPython to make cool stuff with the BBC micro:bit, a simple, fun, and powerful gateway into both hardware and software development. This practical book assumes no previous knowledge of programming and takes you on a journey from first steps to advanced projects. Written by the programmer who proposed, coordinated, and contributed to getting MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit, there's no better person to teach you this topic.


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