• Python 3
Reading time
  • Approximately 8 days
What you will learn
  • Programming Basics and Python Syntax
  • Algorithm and Data Structure
  • Shari Eskenas
  • 1 month, 1 week ago

Official description

Learn Python programming basics quickly and delightfully with classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales like you’ve never seen them before- written as computer programs! For kids and adults alike.

When you run this book’s Python programs on your computer, you’ll see the nursery rhymes and fairy tale stories printed out on your screen! As you turn the pages of this picture book, you will:
  • Learn to code with your favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales translated logically into Python programs
  • Enjoy fifteen nursery rhymes and seven fairy tales written in both normal sentences and in Python code
  • Be entertained by full-page, whimsical illustrations in premium color that accompany the code
  • Gain the knowledge you need to write your own programs!

Have fun learning to code through nursery rhymes and fairy tales retold for the 21st century. Get ready for storytime...and coding time!

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