• Python 3
Reading time
  • Approximately 30 days
What you will learn
  • GUI Development
  • Database
  • B. M. Harwani
  • 12¬†years ago
Packages you will be introduced to
  • pyqt
INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON PROGRAMMING AND DEVELOPING GUI APPLICATIONS WITH PYQT 1E teaches Python programming step-by-step through practical examples that readers can see in action right away. It begins with a solid introduction of Python from scratch, covering loops, control structures, sequences, functions, classes, and exception handling. Thereafter, the book explores file handling and GUI application development in PyQT, the powerful cross-platform GUI layout and forms builder that allows programmers to rapidly design and build widgets and dialogs. The book finishes with an introduction to Django, a easy-to-use platform for developing web applications in Python. This is a great book for newbie programmers interested in learning Python